Photo taken April 2008 at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve near Palmdale, California. I used my Nikon D40.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cats on Roof

On cold mornings, my cats (otherwise known as the neighborhood cats) use to sun themselves on the neighbor's brick wall , but they have migrated to my neighbors roof to take advantage of all the heat coming out of their attic vent.
Almost any cold morning after breakfast they can be found enjoying the heat.


Brendan Gertner said...

Haha! They’re so cute! Why do they stay on your neighbor’s roof? They could’ve done their "sunbathing" on yours… Hm, I guess they just do it ‘coz their comfy with it. The sunlight probably doesn’t strike on your roof too… Anyway, is this still their daily routine?
Brendan Gertner

Unknown said...

Aw~ wasn’t it hot there on the roof? I suppose that’s what they were aiming for – the heat! Anyway, they look so comfortable just hanging out there! Good thing they didn’t decide to stay on a metal roof… It’s much hotter than concrete roofs, and their sensitive paws wouldn’t last the heat. You should watch what they’re doing and keep them away from metal roofs then.
--Lakisha Autin