Photo taken April 2008 at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve near Palmdale, California. I used my Nikon D40.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Fast food curse

My friends and I go to lunch a few times a week... okay, every day. But anyway, I always end up getting charged extra. Not today! I ordered 3 chicken strips and large fries and paid $4.31. My friend ordered the chicken strips combo; same as what I ordered but it comes with a drink. He paid $4.32. I thought I finally got the upper hand; but they accidently gave him 4 chicken strips. But I still paid less. Do I win ??


fickett said...

John, you forgot to mention that your friend also got a salad and drink for his money.

The White Wave said...

John, it's funny that you are so unique with your use of words (and the words you use), and your very personalized habits of photography, that I can recognize your blog without your using your last name. You had me at "eh?"1